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NOVEMBER 15-17, 2019

 You haven't been to NinjaKour?


If you have attended a NinjaKour event then you know how exciting it is!


Age categories are from 6-15 with the Pro/Am starting at age 16.


Meet some of your favorite ninjas from American Ninja Warrior. Past competitors of NinjaKour comps include Geoff Britten, Ryan Stratis, Brent "The RedNeck Ninja" Ruffin, Isaac Caldiero and NinjaKour's own Tetsu Nakasaka. 


Past winners of NinjaKour's competitions including Ethan "The Daredevil" Swanson, Brett Sims, Joe the "Weather Man" Moravsky, V12 Kenny Niemitalo & Drew The Real Life Ninja Drechsel!

If this is your first time then you are in for a special treat as a competitor and as a spectator.


Although we have hosted dozens of competitions, we are excited to now be a part of the UNAA Competition League!!!


The regional qualifier competitor fee is only $55.00 for an entire weekend of fun!


CASH, PRIZES, SPECIAL EVENTS and an opportunity for a pick up team event simulating our Kids Team Ninja League the XOL!


Must Join UNAA to compete! Membership good for the season!